Porto Antico di Genova


Digital Twin technology for sustainable monitoring, management and
development of port areas


Marinas are complex environments, part natural and part a built-up system

They involve multiple activities in one of the central urban areas of the regeneration process (urban, economic and social).

They are a vast source of assorted data and can provide enormous support when optimising management processes. Each person, building and object can gather information and communicate with devices, thereby instigating improvements capable of optimising activities.


Experimenting in the Porto Antico of Genoa

The project pilot case, currently ongoing in the Porto Antico (Old Port) of Genoa, is already seeing significant experimentation with IoT technologies connected to control systems for water and energy consumption and the application of sensors and smart meters.

The purpose is the creation of an enhanced digital twin of the marina to permit the monitoring, and above all optimisation, of processes that:


Monitor the environment


Monitor and optimise resources


Monitor and simulate people and vehicle flows


Monitor system quality

Video analysis and AI sustaining:


  • Detection of abnormal crowding and dangers
  • Features connected with social distancing rules


  • Estimation of the number of people in the area
  • Transit/access register to specific areas
  • Assistance for planning and organising events

Management of spaces using:

  • Detection of people and movement
  • Overview of the maximum and minimum crowd points
  • Reporting faults in buildings and street fixtures
  • Accessibility data based on the degree of crowding
  • Monitoring and directing of flows via attractors (VR / AR / Gamification)

Smart Meter

Water consumption
Energy consumption
QualitĂ  dell’aria
Energy production
Electric charging
Weather forecasting
Marine weather forecasting
Asset management and maintenance

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